You Need a Second Income

With the way things are currently going, it’s almost imperative that you find a second income. We discussed yesterday how people are turning to credit cards, loans and overdrafts to pay for their everyday needs. But now the Bank of England’s chief economist has come out with worse news.

News from the BoE

Chief Economist Andy Haldane said that wage growth had flatlined for a decade, while inflation continued to rise. This low pay had contributed to the low interest rates, which put more pressure on Britons, leaving them “frustrated and squeezed”.

He also said interest rates were likely to stay low for “a pretty long time”.

Time to find a second income

This news – combined with the weaker pound – means your hard-earned money isn’t going as far as it used to, and could very well get you less in the future. Therefore, you need to find a second income.

However, you need the right kind of second income. Another job could push you into a higher tax bracket.

Finding the right second income

What you need is something that won’t see you pay more tax, provides you with a decent return and doesn’t impact on your already stretched time.

Trading Forex is the perfect answer.

Learn to Trade Forex

Forex trading provides you with all the benefits of a second income without having to worry about tax or time. Our partner SmartCharts has developed software that means you don’t have to spend hours analysing charts – it’ll do it for you and highlight the best currencies to trade.

And since it’s tax-free, you’ll get to keep all the profits you make.

A second income with little risk

Forex markets can be unpredictable, but with the strategies Learn to Trade will teach you, and combined with the built-in stop loss systems of SmartCharts, you’ll protect 98% or more of your trading fund at all times.

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