How to Get Started With Forex Trading - LEARN TO TRADE

How to Get Started

Book a Free Forex Trading Workshop

How to get started

Attend our free two hour workshop that has introduced thousands to trading, and the freedom it can bring. Could you become a private foreign exchange trader taking home over £100,000 a year? Would you be able to give up work and have more time for the people and things that really matter to you? Thousands of traders have taken the first step towards making their dream a reality by attending one of our free workshops. You could too. You have nothing to lose, and those two hours could change your life.

What you’ll learn

The fundamental basics of trading.
Why right now is the best time to enter the Forex Market – the largest, most liquid and recession proof market!
Trading strategies that will help identify profitable trades to build a serious second income.
How to harness the latest technology to automate your trading – let the computer do the hard stuff for you.
Examples of real traders making money in live markets, and how we will provide you with trade alerts and tips to replicate winning trades.

Benefits of Trading Forex

  • Tax free profit from a rising or falling market
  • Becoming your own boss; working anytime, anywhere
  • Risk Management limited to only 2%
  • Simply and easy to use software with no qualifications necessary

FREE Gift Pack

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Here’s why you should attend

“Since attending your course I have been consistently up, over 38% every month, for the last six months. This is now my main source of income, what can I say? I can’t thank you enough”!

Kevin Mezzone

“There is no better way to learn to trade. By far the best money I have ever spent, which I have earned back through trading 3 times over. Excellent Tutors and support system, never leave you feeling high and dry, simply the best”.

Wayne A Elliston