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Learn Forex trading with our Forex trading courses and we will show you how to build a tax free income, for life. Our Forex courses will:

Allow you to access new earning opportunities using our Forex trading strategies

Give you the Forex training you need (in step-by-step detail) so you can identify, execute and automate foreign exchange trades

Let you discover how you can build a tangible secondary income using our powerful Forex trading strategies

Offer you guidance and support from Learn to Trade’s team of professional and experienced Forex traders

Enhance and apply the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired from the Forex trading workshop

Immerse you into the world of trading for three days surrounded by like-minded individuals, professional coaches and traders


Make money trading
the Forex market

Our unique Forex trading courses and approach combines live trading practicals, theory, coaching and a software that does all the hard work for you. Designed specifically for serious and ambitious people who want to generate serious money from the worlds most liquid market place.


Our Forex Trading Course teaches all of the above, plus how to:

Identify new Forex opportunities using our Forex trading strategies

Minimise your trading risks

Set up high quality daily trades to fit your schedule

Establish a Forex trading plan that suits your personality and lifestyle


What you will learn

Price Action
Exchange Rates
Emotional Mastery
Advanced Price Action
Trading Strategies
Placing a Trade
Creating your Plan
180 Profit Booster
Income Wave
Inter Bank Radar
Pip Runner
Money Market Breakout
Forex and the News
Risk Management
Trading Plan
Put Theory into Practice
Place Trades in a Live Environment alongside Professional Trader
Review Theory
Develop Practical Understanding of SmartCharts
Make Money Live Trading
Discover Real Time Market Insight