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Forex trading e-book - Ultimate forex gift pack

Your Free Copy of Greg Secker’s “Wealth Secrets of Serious Money Makers”

This Forex trading e-book is a ground breaking step-by-step success development manual which has been hailed as a “revolution in wealth coaching.”

In “Wealth Secrets”, Greg shares not only his own formula for success, but the lessons shared with him by some of the greatest success gurus on the planet.

Intro To The 7 Secrets

It all begins here as Greg introduces you to this exclusive training.

VIDEO 1 – This Ain’t The Stock Market

Learn why the Forex market is incredibly lucrative and how anyone can be a part of it as long as you know 2 very important things – what to do and when to do it.


Learn the distinction between dumb money & smart money. See how the smart money – the whales – take 99% of all money made on the Forex market and learn how you can swim with the big fish too!

VIDEO 3 – Don’t Join The 90-90-90 Club

Learn what you must know and can easily learn, that can place you in the 10% category and not the 90% of all traders that lose 90% of their money in just 90 days.


Learn a battle tested formula to ensure you stay in the game and profit by managing your risk to 1%. This is the most important video to watch, understanding the risk management formula, separates the professionals from the gamblers.

VIDEO 5 – Wealth Hacks of Millionaire Traders

Learn how to build your belief when I take you through a series of goal setting exercises to reprogram your mind for meteoric and lasting success.

VIDEO 6 – Pulling the Trigger for Consistent Profits

Learn how to make money when the Forex market is going up or down by understanding how to trade the market with Price Action.

VIDEO 7 – MAP (Massive Action Plan)

Learn how to create your own action plan tailored to your lifestyle and your goals to ensure you take this information and actively do something useful with it.

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