UK Economy Slows

There’s more trouble on the horizon, with Moody’s saying that the talks in Brussels have increased the UK’s political and financial risks. The Brexit negotiations, the low interest rates of the Bank of England, the rise in inflation, and the squeeze in living standards mean you’re at financial risk.

The risks

< You’re earning less than you were ten years ago, due to a lack of wage growth. Inflation is ballooning. The pound has dropped significantly against its trading partners, meaning you’re paying more for everyday items with your money that’s worth less. And you’re not getting any returns on your savings, as interest rates are nearly non-existent. You’re at risk of losing money and suffering due to other people’s mistakes.

Take control

< You need to find a way to protect yourself and those you care most for – You need a second income, and you need to find a way to be financially secure. Trading Forex can give you that freedom.

Learn to trade

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Find out more

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