The UK’s Deficit

It was revealed that the UK government borrowed more than expected, rising £2bn from June 2016 to £6.9bn in June 2017. This blow to the Tories fiscal plans raises questions on the state of the public sector’s finances, and therefore the state of the UK’s economy.

The UK’s deficit

Austerity has been the word on the government’s lips since 2010 when power changed hands from Labour to the Tories. The financial crisis was in full swing and it was believed that a reduction in government spending would eventually balance the books, but since April 2017, the government has borrowed £1.9bn more than last year, at £22.8bn in the last three months.

Public sector worries

These increases in spending, on top of austerity, show the strain being placed on the public sector and its workers, who are expected to do more with less. This also means that essential services, like the NHS, may not be able to support you when you need them.

Weathering the storm

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