Why Should I Learn to Trade?

What is the Forex Market?

What to Expect

  • The fundamental basics of trading
  • How to use a Risk Management strategies that will only allow you to lose a fraction of your trading account
  • Trading strategies that will help identify profitable trades and come out of a trade at the right time!
  • The Psychology of trading and how it will help make you a successful trader.

Benefits of Forex

  • Tax free profits under UK tax laws
  • Completely flexible: trade from home when it suits you
  • Profit from a rising or falling market
  • Trade on the largest and most liquid market in the World

Free Gift When You Sign Up Today

What you will receive when you attend …

As well as spending two hours in the company of a top professional trader, discovering how he profits from the markets, you will also receive a complimentary digital copy of the highly popular Surefire Route to Trading Success

A comprehensive and easy-to-read introduction to trading, written by international expert Greg Secker and based on his experiences teaching over 200,000 people worldwide!


Testimonials of Our Students

Tom Munro

“My name’s Tom Munro and I trade Forex here in the UK. I’m a bartender but I am transitioning to becoming a Forex trader full time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this course to people.”

Shirley Mansor

“It means a lot to see the trading coaches trading their own money. They’re doing what they’re teaching you to do.And if they can do it, you can do it. You just have to apply yourself.”

Maxine Grisley

“I was very impressed by the professionalism and the experience of the people leading the program,and also the opportunity for coaching, which is one of the reasons I chose Learn to Trade in the first place.”

Anarb Datta

“My motivation to become a Forex trader is to get out of the daily 9-5 routine and have time to do the things I love doing. To spend more time with my family and travel more.”