Trade Forex & Stick to New Year’s Resolutions



We’re almost at the tail end of January, the first month of the year, full of new starts and motivation, as well as the odd broken New Year’s resolution.


New Year’s resolutions have become sort of a joke in pop culture because people usually wake up to realise they’re just too lazy to achieve the ambitious goals they set (probably while drinking).
So, to spare you the self-disappointment of realising how bad you’re failing that resolution, let’s go over the most popular resolutions before offering you a better solution: learning how to trade.

1. Getting Fit

After consuming everything in sight during December, losing weight is the most apparent resolution for those who naturally want to shed some weight.


January usually comes with tons of offers and discounts at gyms, but according to research, 66% of gym memberships go inactive by mid-February. Studies also show that many novice gym-goers feel intimidated at the gym and don’t enjoy their time there, especially during those peak hours of before and after the regular 9-5 work say.


How can you overcome this? By learning how to trade, you can become your own boss, meaning you work and workout when and where you want.

2. Eating Healthier

Often coupled with the previous new year’s resolution, eating healthier is another significant promise we make at the start of the year. However, most people usually overdo it and end up restricting way too much and soon start a slow descent into the lower levels of food hell.


Reasons often include the difficulty in preparing healthier food or how cheaper it is to eat junk food.


Earning more money could help solve this issue. Thousands of traders are making a second stream of income that enables them to spend more on healthier, organic foods which not only motivates them to eat better but improves their mental well-being with brain-boosting foods.

3. Paying Down Debt

Yes, this is a new year’s resolution that a lot of people have high on their lists. It’s always a good idea to work hard and make sure to spend that extra money to pay off debt obtained over the expensive festive period.

4. Traveling

Traveling costs money and people easily give up on things that cost money. However, it is possible to do it more cheaply, and many people are enjoying this way of exploring the world. And if you are trading forex, you can even get your work done while on the road. All you need is a laptop an an internet connection!

5.Learning Something New

Self-development is something we all strive for and wish to do more of, particularly at the start of the year, whether that’s going to an art class, learning a new language or going to a dance class.


At Learn to Trade, you can learn the basics of trading for free! That’s a New Years’ Resolution you can tick off the moment you join one of our free workshops. Not only will you learn transferable trading skills, but you’ll understand more about the financial markets, network with like-minded individuals and have something interesting to share at work the next day.


It’s time to keep those promises and enjoy life’s greatest pleasures in 2018. Good luck on your journey and we look forward to seeing you at our trading workshops!


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