Titans of Wealth (31st May)

The world premiere Titans of Wealth seminar took place on Saturday 31st May at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane. Nearly 600 people were queuing from 8am in the spectacular chandelier laden foyer awaiting the inaugural event.

They were not disappointed as Andrew Barsa, the world’s leading wealth coach, who had flown in especially for this event from Australia. He was introduced to the floor and soon got the audience thinking that they don’t have to settle for the status quo in their lives. Andrew went on to tell some home truths about how the majority of people think and then challenging and resetting the audience’s mindset so they knew that they deserve and can achieve more in their lives. After all, people generally make decisions on how they feel, not what they think – you’ll need to attend the next Titans of Wealth event (28th June) to find out which is correct.

After Andrew had motivated the crowd and got them in the right frame of mind to embrace wealth, he then introduced millionaire trader and CEO of Learn to Trade, Greg Secker. It was now Greg’s turn to introduce one of the most viable ways to ascertain and live a wealthy life – through trading the financial (forex) markets.

Greg soon carried on where Andrew left off and got the audience participating as well as sharing a few anecdotes with them. Introducing his path to wealth, the trials and tribulations of getting where he is today and the wealthy people he has had the pleasure of being able to partner with and/or get advice from. Currency trading has enabled him to start a charity (The Knowledge to Action Foundation) and lead a relatively wealthy way of life. Then Greg passed on his expertise, introducing some of the tried and tested strategies for currency trading and even showing a successful 4 minute trade (yes just 4 minutes) which returned 19 times the initial investment. This along with some more expert advice on how to get started and re-emphasising that trading IS FOR EVERYONE, this had the audience in great spirits by lunchtime on a lovely London summer day and ready to start their new trading adventure towards a better way of life.

After the seminar we managed to grab an audience participant (Jackie Ferris) who said – “it quite literally blew my mind, some of the things both Andrew and Greg said were common sense, yet I would never have thought of them, let alone known how to act upon them – this was a complimentary seminar, so apart from my time I’ve lost nothing and gained everything. I would recommend everyone to attend the next event, if there is one that is”.