The Importance of Networking

In order to maintain sanity, man must be social – we’re social animals. That’s why being a part of a community feels good. We enjoy being around like-minded people who share similar thoughts and ideas to us. Somewhere in time people became inclined towards working alone, without any influence or lateral support, and it cost us.
According to Ratan Tata, one of the greatest entrepreneurs from India said ” If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.”
Jack Ma, Founder of the Alibaba Group, attributes his success to the people he surrounded himself with. British American marketing consultant, Simon Sinek said networking with people allowed to him to recover from depression and turn-around the fortunes of his business. Collectivism is what creates synergy in a group and ultimately leads to the long term success of the business. It’s important you surround yourself with like-minded, ambitious people; at our free workshops you can network and obtain a higher level of trading knowledge and excellence to tap into the unlimited earning potential.
The world of Forex trading has been opened up to complete beginners and most new traders enter the markets with very little understanding of the challenges they face. Our courses are taught by professional traders who themselves, like Greg, have made money trading Forex. Our Trading Floor provides the optimum environment for you to surround yourself with experienced traders and gain from one-to-one interaction.
There are so many social networking events and seminars to attend and it’s important those who want success are surrounded by people who want it too. We’re always hosting workshops where business men and women meet and make life changing networks. Networking opens up doors for people and it can do for you but networking is just the beginning, it’s maintaining that network that matters most.
Networking requires interacting and if you shy away from being socially active, you’re not the only one. Believe it or not, people of every age are as nervous as all other age groups when approaching new people and networking. It’s important to understand which characteristics an individual with excellent networking skills obtain.

1. Good networkers are great listeners.

They can connect with people by patiently listening to what the other person has to say and then trying to find leads.

2. Good networkers have an attractive charm.

People are won over by those who are very positive about everything

3. Good networkers have connections.

Being able to help your network make a network by putting in a good word or forwarding their email will get people to gravitate towards you. It builds loyalty.

4. Good networkers care.

Following up on promises made and checking in from time to time will solidify your reputation
With networking, the more experience you have, the easier it gets and you’ll see positive impacts on your social life and have more opportunities. At Learn to Trade we are always hosting booked out, networking events near you, come along and be surrounded by ambitious, charming and fun adults who also want to learn and lead a greater life.
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