Are You a Smart Holiday Goer?

More than 12 million Brits will travel abroad this year and we’re all familiar with exchanging our money. Electronic boards at the airport show terms like GBP/USD, EUR/USD, JPY/USD, these are called currency pairs.
Smart regular travelers often keep tabs on the market and exchange their money at the right time to make small profits…Here’s a quick example:
Let’s say the USD / EUR pair ratio is 1,5 that means you need 1,5 USD to buy 1 EUR. If you travel to Europe and arrive with 1,500 USD, at the time of the change you will end up with 1,000 EUR.
If during the trip you do not spend the 1,000 EUR and the price of this currency goes up to 2,0, by the time you travel back to the US when you exchange your Euros back to dollars, you will receive 2,000 instead of the initial 1,500.
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