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SMART CHARTS  is exciting new innovation in trading world. Smart Charts is designed to win most of the trades for you that is why 90% of trades through Smart Charts result in profit. In this exclusive event you will be given access to the most advanced Forex trading system designed to help you find the most profitable trades with full integration to the broker.You have nothing to lose, and those two hours could change your life.

 Revolutionize Your Trading

  • Time saving – it scans the markets and identifies trades so you don’t have to.
  • One click trading – Place a trade at just a touch of a button.
  • Trade Alerts – the latest updates and tips from our traders live on the trading floor.
  • Market Depth – it knows what the institutions are doing, if they’re selling or buying.

Smart Profits Need Smart Charts

  • News – Checks the news-feeds for anything that might interrupt a trade.
  • Risk Management – prevents you from placing a risky trade, only lets you risk 2%.
  • Performance – It creates a trader journal, so you can build a portfolio of all your best trades.
  • Analyses your trading performance to show you what to do and when to do it – around your lifestyle

Hear From our Smart Traders

  • Excellent. “I find it incredible how the productivity of the trader can be increased, I used to spend hours and hours on charts and here I come and I get this fantastic utility that really saves so much time and it’s all because of new technology. Richard Angelis, Learn to Trade Graduate
  • Excellent. “Hi my name is Aly Cato, I’m looking forward to getting back into live-trading now, especially with the resources available in SmartCharts. They are fantastic, in particular with the videos and the tutorials. It’s so much better than the clunky software I had before, I just feel really excited.” Aly Cato, Learn to Trade Graduate

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Disclaimer: Our Seminars are purely educational in nature. We do not advise upon or tip any trades shown in any seminar. All trades demonstrated whilst on Learn to Trade's courses are for educational and illustration purposes only. These products are not suitable for all investors. Please make sure you understand the risks involved.