How Saving is Losing You Money

People have been encouraged to save from a very early age. But it turns out, those who have been saving over the last decade have actually been losing money. It’s all down to low interest rates and high inflation.

How saving is losing you money

According to the Guardian, Hargreaves Lansdown worked out that consumers who put £1,000 in a savings account in 2007 will now have £878 in real terms. That’s more than a 12 per cent loss due to the Bank of England’s 0.25% interest rate (it was at 0.5% before the Brexit vote) and a 26% inflation rate over the same time period.

Where to put your money?

The Guardian’s article does state that £1,000 invested in the stock market over the same period would have made just over a 30 per cent profit, having £1,323 in real terms.

In contrast to that, if you made a four per cent trading Forex each month over a ten-year period, then with compound interest, you’d be sitting on £1,492. That’s nearly a 50 per cent gain!

How it works

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SmartCharts will identify trades that are most likely to have a good return and can calculate the perfect entry and exit points for you. If you’re making two per cent a day, then due to compound interest, you’d easily be able to make four per cent or more each month.

Learn to Trade

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