The Rent Trap

According to The Guardian, one in seven private tenants are paying 50 per cent or more of their paycheck on their rent. This far outstrips the two per cent of homeowners who pay a similar amount on their mortgage repayments. There’s a rent trap in the UK.

The Rent Trap

With the massive surge in property prices, many people can’t get onto the property ladder. This leaves them with only a few options – Stay at home and save like crazy to get enough to buy their own home, or join those in the rent trap.

A Catch-22

Those who enter the renting market are falling into a rent trap – Because they’re spending a large amount on their rent, they’re unable to save. In fact, according to the Bank of England, average savings across the UK have dropped to record lows.

There’s just not enough money to be able to rent, live, and save at the same time.

A Way Out of the Rent Trap

If you’re renting, it’s unlikely that you’re also saving. So, how do you get out of this rent trap? The only real answer is to find a second income. The problem is finding a second income which won’t see you taxed heavily and won’t take up too much of your time – You have a life to live as well, after all.

The Forex Market

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Take Control and Be Financially Free

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