Notable Slowdown in UK Economy

The Office of National Statistics has released yet another report that has people worrying. The UK’s Gross Domestic Product grew only 0.3 per cent over the second quarter of 2017, with the ONS stating that this was a “notable slowdown”.

GDP and what it means

Gross Domestic Product measures the UK’s total economic activity. Positive numbers signal growth while negative numbers show a contraction is taking place. At near negligible levels, the UK’s current GDP is next to stagnated, which won’t inspire investors with confidence.

Economic slowdown

This affects us all, as a slowdown means less taxes paid by businesses, which means less money in the coffers of the government. The Tories have already been forced to borrow £6.9bn so far this year, which will likely see a tightening of the purse strings, putting even more pressure on an overstretched public sector.

Public services under pressure

With public services under pressure, the NHS, emergency services, and government-supported programmes are seeing less funding, and are therefore unable to provide the level of service that we need. This pressure makes it all the more important that you find a way to protect yourself, as the government no longer can.

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