Minor Inflation Reprieve

British consumers received a minor reprieve from the exorbitant inflation increases this year, with inflation dropping from 2.9 per cent in May to 2.6 per cent in June. This drop was due to lower fuel and diesel prices, but the reprieve is not set to last.

Unexpected inflation slowdown

Fuel prices have dropped over the last four months, giving households a slight reprieve in costs while all other household goods go up in price, either due to import costs, the weak pound, or general inflation costs. This slowdown has helped ease pressure, but only represents an unexpected blip.

Wage inflation isn’t matching

The issue isn’t just the rising costs due to the weak pound and expensive imports – Wage inflation isn’t matching up to price inflation. Wages are currently only going up on average two per cent, which doesn’t take into account that many sectors are on a pay freeze. The money you are making is worth less each day.

Looking for a way out

With money to remain tight in the years to come due to Brexit, business and investor uncertainty, it’s important to find out how to protect yourself and those you love. You need to find an income that can perform no matter the economic situation.

Beat inflation with Forex

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