Making Money on Forex

It would seem that the US Federal Reserve’s confidence in the economy isn’t shared by the Bank of England, which is now expected to keep the UK’s interest rate unchanged at 0.25%.

This news comes on the back of retail sales volumes falling by 1.2 per cent in May, while inflation is outstripping wage growth 2.9 per cent to 2.1 per cent.

Time to make money on Forex?

The staggering increase in inflation, the incredibly low interest rate, and the underwhelming growth in wages means your money is worth less and less each day. It’s time to look for a new source of income to support your day-to-day lifestyle.

Trading on the Forex market is tax-free in the UK, meaning any profits you make you get to keep. But what else should you know about the Forex market?

Is the Forex market safe?

One of the beliefs that many people hold when it comes to Forex trading is that it’s risky. But as any successful trader will tell you, if you have a robust risk-management strategy and stick to it, trading on the Forex market is safe.

Learn to Trade’s Forex trading software, SmartCharts, is designed with this strategy in mind. It has a built-in stop loss, meaning you’ll never risk more than 2 per cent of your trading account.

Isn’t Forex trading complex?

Another misconception about Forex trading is that you need to know the numbers, be able to analyse charts and have a currency-driven mind. And it’s easy to understand how this came about when you look at any Forex software.

But SmartCharts was designed to do the hard work for you. It’ll analyse the markets, gather the latest news reports and Forex calendars, find opportunities, and calculate the perfect entry and exit points on trades for you.

I don’t have all day to stare at charts…

You don’t need to – The Forex market reacts to news events and the release of reports like retail sales and job numbers. These reports are scheduled, meaning we know when they’ll be released and quite often what’s already in them.

You can place your trades in as little as 30 minutes at a time that suits you since the Forex market is global and accessible 24-hours a day.

Why haven’t I been trading Forex until now?

Because no-one has shown you how – Learn to Trade will do just that, supplying you with proven strategies to make money on Forex markets, providing you with the software to make trading safe and easy, and giving you access to professionals who’ll answer all your trading questions.

There’s never been a better time to Learn to Trade than right now. Come along to one of our free Forex workshops, held across the UK, now.