UK’s no.1 Forex Education Company ‘Learn to Trade’ is LIVE in Zambia, at the world premiere 2016 ‘Financial Freedom Through Forex’ event. Gary Lafferty presents the teaching of our founder and master trader Greg Secker.

At this free event YOU will LEARN:

  • How trading less than 30 minutes a day can build a serious second income.
  • Why you should be part of the world’s largest and most liquid market – unlimited money making opportunities!
  • How to harness the latest technology to automate your trading – let the computer do the hard stuff for you.
  • Learn the exact Forex trading strategies and risk-management tools developed and used by Multi-Millionaire Greg Secker himself.
  • The secrets behind proven and ready to implement wealth creation strategies – and how to implement them immediately.

You’ll be Learning from the  Best

Learn to Trade is Europe’s largest and most successful trader training organisation, with a 12 year history of major awards for service and quality. We have trained over 200,000 people worldwide from introduction to confident trader.

Founded by master trader, international wealth coach, entrepreneur and philanthropist Greg Secker, Learn to Trade has trading floors in UK, Australia and South Africa. There is simply no better organisation to teach you how to develop the mind-set and skill sets for rapid and lifelong success.

Learn to Trade’s top trader and Greg Secker’s right hand man, Gary Lafferty will be live in Zambia to show you that only around 30 minutes a day can take you towards the lifestyle and rewards you deserve – by trading Forex. And anyone, from any background, can learn to do it.

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