Interest Rates

There had been hopes that the Bank of England would raise interest rates at their next discussion on the matter, but those hopes were dashed when Deputy Governor Ben Broadbent said he was in favour of holding rates where they were.

What does this interest rate hold mean?

As it stands, interest rates are at near negligible levels, at 0.25 per cent. Imagine you’ve got £1,000 in a savings account – After one year, you’d have made £2.50 in interest. This is while inflation is ballooning at more than 2.9 per cent, meaning that £1,000 is depreciating in value, and while the weak pound has pushed up the price of goods up.

What can be done?

To avoid being caught up in this living standards squeeze, and to protect yourself and your family, you need to find a reliable source of income that won’t be affected by these factors.

You can generate a tax-free income by trading on the Forex market. But to do this successfully, you need to learn how to trade.

Learn to Trade

Learn to Trade was established in 2003 by Greg Secker. Over the six years that he’d been in the financial world, he had programmed online trading software and learnt the winning strategies of the best traders from around the world. He decided to teach others how to trade on the Forex market, so they could enjoy the same opportunities he had.

What you’ll learn

Learn to Trade can show you how to read the trends in the currency markets, which strategies to implement once you know the trends, and how to protect more than 98 per cent of your trading account at all times.

You’ll be learning from some of the best traders, who will demonstrate how these strategies work in real-time with their personal accounts. This way, you’ll know these strategies work.

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