Hard Brexit Fears

Chancellor Philip Hammond may have said that the government is seeking a transitional agreement in Brexit talks, but that’s all talk until it’s agreed upon by all EU member states.  Until then, the fears of a hard Brexit, and the troubles that will cause, linger.

The hardest hit in a hard Brexit

The BBC recently said that Aberdeen and Edinburgh would likely be some of the hardest hit cities in the case of a hard Brexit. While also in positions to respond to potential economic turbulence, the damage done to these cities could take time to heal.

Hitting the public

A hard Brexit will mostly affect the people who are in the least favourable position to recover from such a hit. With inflation and a weak pound already driving prices up and sizes down, it’s well past time that the public looked to protect themselves from the turbulent times possibly ahead, as it seems the government will be mostly crippled by the coming Brexit storm.

Batten down the hatches

To protect yourself against Brexit’s possible repercussions, you need to secure your finances. A second income could be the difference between getting through this comfortably, or falling into a debt pit which could be near impossible to climb out of. But what kind of second income is best?

Trading Forex is tax-free

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Learn to Trade

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