Gerald Nocker

I’m Gerald Nocker and I trade Forex in Madrid, Spain. I’m semi-retired but I’m still on the board of a couple of international companies as a Non-Executive Director.

Trading is very important to me. Forex enables me to trade 24 hours a day, any place that I may be. Many years ago I made a decision that nobody was going to manage my finances – except myself.

Trading Forex allows me to do this, in my own time and in control of my own financial destiny.

You meet a lot of interesting people on the Learn to Trade course, marvellous people that are there to learn to trade. We think of trading coaches as being people that teach you but that they don’t actually do it.

Remember, every one of these people here are very, very experienced, and successful traders in their own right. They’re not just showing you how to do it, they’re doing it.