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Want to learn how to trade like the flying trader?

When you attend this workshop, you’ll find out how you can start your business or how to manage your existing one the smart way. We’ll show you how you can identify buying and selling opportunities whilst you’re at work, away on vacation, waiting for your flight or in the comfort of your own home.

In these modern, entrepreneurial times, it’s not only about working hard or working smart, it’s about sourcing your knowledge from the best to make informed decisions when placing your trades using world-class, cutting-edge software like SmartCharts.

In this workshop you’ll learn how SmartCharts saves you time and helps you identify buying and selling opportunities that the markets provide on a daily basis.

Why explore Trading?

More and more people are getting involved in trading  due to the benefits it can give you. These include being your own boss, making your own investment decisions and having the flexibility to trade anywhere in the world.


Why attend this workshop?

  • See for yourself how our experts build revenue from trading currency
  • Learn the steps used to avoid losing your investments
  • Integrate Smart Charts risk management tools with your trading
  • Learn the tools needed to be your own trading boss
  • And we’ll cover why it is an advantage to trade a recession-proof market, one that you can trade in bullish and bearish market conditions

Speakers of the event

Gurdas Sidhu

10 years of experience

Hear from a man who is now regarded as one of the top retail traders in the world.

Gurdas gained valuable experience as an intern and achieved great success in his early 20s. That was when he met Greg Secker, who a few years later, entrusted him to head up the EMEA region at Learn to Trade.

Jarek Sklodowski

11 years of experience

Jarek came to London from Poland in 1997 and started out in the fitness sector, as a personal trainer. One of his clients was Learn to Trade founder Greg Secker who inspired him so much that he wanted to brave a career change. He went through the Learn to Trade training academy and started trading over ten years ago, mentored by Greg himself. He’s now one of the most popular speakers at Learn to Trade workshops.


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