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Tom Munro

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this course to people. My dad’s from a business background in South Africa and when we

Maxine Grisley

My name is Maxine Grisley and I trade Forex in London. My background originally is as a scientist, and currently I work in Training and

Shirley Mansor

My name’s Shirley Mansor, I’m from Yorkshire and I trade Forex.

Awla Sanghrajka

My name’s Awla Sanghrajka and I trade Forex in London. I’ve been trading for over a year, but I only got to know about Learn to

Anarb Datta

My name’s Anarb Datta, I work in a High Street bank. I’m a Relationship Manager, I manage High Networked individuals.

Gerald Nocker

I’m Gerald Nocker and I trade Forex in Madrid, Spain. I’m semi-retired but I’m still on the board of a couple of international