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Five Factors to Consider Before Opening a Live Account 

There comes a point where you feel a bit confident in trading and you’ve been thinking to open a live account. After months of studying the forex basics, strategies and trading with a demo account, you feel that you have learned enough discipline and ready to trade with real money. The question is, ARE YOU REALLY

Five Tips for Forex Trading Newbies 

Forex trading can be tempting for many people, especially when they hear someone making a fortune out of this financial market. Some jump right into it without having any knowledge. You can indeed buy and sell currencies easily nowadays with just a click of a button in most trading platforms, but forex trading is more

How to Trade Gold For Dummies: What You Should Know First    

When you start trading, one of the most popular currency pairs that you’ll come across is the XAUUSD or Gold. Every trader that you will come across will probably tell you that Gold is their favourite commodity pair to trade. Why is that? Well, we’re going to explain what makes Gold such a popular trading instrument and

Pound Slumps as PM Johnson Imposes New Lockdown Measures

On Tuesday, the pound slumped to a nearly two-month low as the U.K. implemented its new lockdown measures to contain the re-spreading of the virus but it also means that it could halt the pace of recovery as the second wave of Covid-19 gathers pace.  Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned the country was at

News Trading for Beginners 

When you have a trading strategy and read about high impact news that could potentially affect the market sentiment, what do you do? It could be something related to Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP), Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Rate Statement, or Fiscal Stimulus Policy. Some stick to their trading plan, while others immediately change their position

Pound Plummeted due to Brexit Worries while Yen looks to Abe Successor Vote   

On Monday, the sterling with fears of a no-deal Brexit, flirted with a 1 1/12-month low against the dollar. Investors also waited for Japan’s ruling party to choose a successor to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.   In Asia session, the sterling pound rose up slightly to $1.2819, after having hit $1.2767 on Friday, its lowest since

Pound Falls as European Union Issues U.K. Ultimatum 

As the European Union (EU) threatened to pursue legal action against the U.K. if it doesn’t drop a bill that aims to undermine the Brexit divorce agreement, the pound has experienced significant loss especially this week as it is on track for its biggest slump in nearly six months.  GBP/USD fell 1.56% to $1.27, and

Amidst Brexit Turmoil, U.K. Government States to Break International Law Over Brexit 

After reports that Britain may undercut its divorce treaty with the European Union, the British acknowledged in Tuesday that it could break international law but only in a “limited way”.   The government’s legal department head quit in disagreement with a plan to overwrite parts of the Withdrawal Agreement treaty signed in January as pound fell

Why Do Forex Traders Fail?

In forex trading, failure is very high, estimating in more than 95% of the new traders giving up from their first few years of trading and getting back on their 9-5 jobs.     Most forex traders become too complacent after a few months of trading and gaining in their demo accounts. This can lead aspiring traders