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What to Look Out for in the Forex Market in February

  With the first month of 2018 now behind us, it is time to get an overview of where the forex market stands at the moment, and what we can expect to play out in the time ahead. January has been highlighted by a surprising weakness in the US dollar, despite new all-time highs in

March Trading Insights from David Long

  Trump and his administration continue to have a profound effect on the Greenback and US stock market. Ironically, or hypocritically, they recently were called out for manipulating the currency, by none other than Mario Draghi himself. The hypocrisy is from Trump’s campaign platform of naming and shaming countries that manipulate their currency.   The

Choose a Trading Strategy – And Stick With It!

  A big problem for many beginning traders who have not yet become consistently profitable is that they are always on the lookout for the one strategy that will kill it in the markets – the Holy Grail in trading.   The belief is that once they have found this one strategy, it’s going to

7 trading mistakes to stop making in 2018

  Beginner mistakes are almost inevitable when you venture into the forex market as a new trader. We have all made some of these mistakes, but the problem arises if you never learn from them.   Learning how to avoid the most common mistakes in forex trading is therefore an essential part on your journey

Welcome 2018: January Trading Insights from David Long

  Risk Manager David Long shares his expert insight into January’s economic data.   Welcome to the new year. Traditionally this time of year is scant of economic data, 2018 is no different. So far there has been little economic releases to focus on. Price action has been driven more by fiscal headlines than monetary