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UK retail sales: blame it on the weatherman…

  The UK retail sales report was much weaker than expected, with headline sales falling 0.6% in June, the annual rate of sales growth slowed to 3% from 4.4% in May. Although retail sales figures can be volatile, there is a growing sense that the UK economy is slowing down sharply, and with the political

New Year New Life: Goals to set your Trading journey to a successful 2018 start

  Dear Traders   We are saying good bye to 2017 and some of you are celebrating your accomplishments while others are reviewing their progress and some are wondering if they can bring their A game to their Trading accounts.  Wherever you are I can assure you that you are not alone in that situation

2017 in Review

  For me, the story of the year is in interest rates. Rates are key to the movement of currencies, being that currencies are very susceptible to interest rate movements as they are an interest rate bearing product. Across the globe we have had slow rising growth and that has been key to certain economic