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5 Best Forex & Stock Trades Of Last Week

1. NZDUSD (Daily Chart) – Power Pivot Trade Short 15.07.2014 – This pair gave its final push higher last week before putting in the evidence that it was due a move lower. Price had reached a very significant horizontal level just above 0.8800 where price action gave stalling signs, firstly a doji seller bar then

How To Read Forex Movements

How to read Market Movements for more accurate Forex Trading  How much money you make as a foreign currency trader will largely depend on how skilfully you can predict movements in the Forex market. So the question is, What are the key factors that will cause your chosen currency’s rate of exchange to change? Here

How To Get Going As A Forex Trader

      Did you know the foreign exchange market, commonly referred to as ‘forex’, has a daily turnover in excess of US$5 trillion? In fact, the global forex market is the biggest in the world. And did you know that you can enter that market as a beginner and, with patience and practice, make

5 Best Forex Trades in June & Current Opportunities

1. NZDUSD (Daily Chart) – Power Pivot Long – 05.06.2014 – After a significant retracement to its 50% fib level from January’s lows, the market showed signs of divergence indicating that the move lower was burning out of steam. This coincided beautifully with a significant horizontal level at the big 8400 handle and a fib

5 Best Forex Trades for June 2014 – Week 3

1. GBPUSD (5 Min Chart) – Pivot Trade Long 16.06.2014 – After Mark Carney’s comments last week, this trade was an absolute no brainer. It was the first efficient entry of the week as price pulled back to the pivot point whilst at the same time offering up a tasty 1.11% reward to risk trade.

5 Best Forex Trades for June 2014 – Week 2

1. EURJPY (Daily Chart) – Power Pivot Trade Short 10.06.2014 – With the lack of follow through to the upside last week from the European Central Bank statement, the EUR weakness continued this week. This particular foreign exchange trade provided all the clues necessary for a high probability, continuation trade short. A healthy retracement to

5 Best Forex Trades for June 2014 – Week 1

1. USDJPY (Daily Chart) – Power Pivot Trade Long 02.06.2014 – The pair was fresh off a significant bounce higher from a strong support level and divergence so when the first pull back came it provided an efficient entry to enter and ride up to the top of its channel around the 102.70 level. Last

5 Best Stock & Forex Trades of last week

1. GOLD (Daily Chart) – Ascending Triangle Breakout Short – 27.05.2014 – Having stagnated sideways for the majority of April and May, demand for stock of Gold had formed a classic symmetrical triangle pattern, with price working its way into the apex and getting close to a breakout. Traders were awaiting a break lower as

5 Best Forex Trades This Week | 2014 May – Week 4

1. NZDUSD (5Min Chart) – Pivot Trade Short 21.05.2014 – The Kiwi, having spent so much time on the daily timeframe heading higher, eventually topped out and provided the lower high and lower low needed to consider trading it short. Price was fast approaching a big support level on the daily chart so only a

5 Best Forex Trades This Week | 2014 May – Week 3

1. EURUSD (5Min Chart) – Pivot Trade Short 14.05.2014 – Sentiment on the EURO was extremely weak across the board through Tuesday after comments from Bundesbank aligned with the ECB’s threat’s to intervene if necessary to keep the exchange rate down. After a day like Tuesday, it provides a fantastic opportunity to get into the