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10 of the Best Books on Forex Trading for Beginners

The best traders are the most informed. Beyond keeping a close eye on the trends of the markets, building a broad understanding with adequate research can make you all the more equipped to start your trading journey.

Forex Trading for Beginners: What to Avoid

  Forex trading can offer an efficient way of building real wealth. However, it comes with its risks, and more people end up losing than winning. A few mistakes can end up costing you real money, not just time and effort. For that reason, it’s worth taking a look at some of the most common mistakes

Best Currency Pairs To Trade When Starting

  The Forex market is one of the biggest markets in the world, offering high risk but even higher rewards to the thousands upon thousands of traders logging on every day to trade on the exchanges of different currencies around the world. When you start trading, you’re going to immediately notice the variety of different

Trade Forex & Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

    We’re almost at the tail end of January, the first month of the year, full of new starts and motivation, as well as the odd broken New Year’s resolution.   New Year’s resolutions have become sort of a joke in pop culture because people usually wake up to realise they’re just too lazy

What Should Traders Look Out For in January?

    January is known by many as a month of reckoning; the time we address the excess spending and indulgences that took part during December when festivities and the “Christmas Spirit” convince us to spend more than we can afford.   Because of this, January is often seen as the longest month of the

Forex Reflections: A Year of Trading in Review

    Before we dive into this brand new year, it’s good to reflect and look back at the year that has just gone. There’s a lot we can learn from 2017 to ensure we do more of the things that worked and less of the things that didn’t. Life as a forex trader is

Trade Forex (Even on Blue Monday)

    Christmas has passed us by, New Year’s resolutions are being broken left, right and centre, and we have, statistically speaking, one of the worst days of the year coming our way – Blue Monday!   The Christmas decorations will have been taken down, we hope. You have taken them down, haven’t you? All

The Importance of Networking

      In order to maintain sanity, man must be social – we’re social animals. That’s why being a part of a community feels good. We enjoy being around like-minded people who share similar thoughts and ideas to us. Somewhere in time people became inclined towards working alone, without any influence or lateral support,

You Started Trading the Moment you Got a Bank Account

      Trading is often seen as a career path only for those with a deep understanding of the market. The truth is we all trade. The concept of value and purchasing power is something we learn at a young age and most people haven’t yet learned that the forex market is everywhere. The

5 Reasons You Should Be Trading

      Attend our free two hour workshop that has introduced thousands to trading, and the freedom it can bring. Could you become a private foreign exchange trader taking home over £100,000 a year?   Would you be able to give up work and have more time for the people and things that really