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5 Reasons You Should Be Trading

      Attend our free two hour workshop that has introduced thousands to trading, and the freedom it can bring. Could you become a private foreign exchange trader taking home over £100,000 a year?   Would you be able to give up work and have more time for the people and things that really

Learn how to Take Advantage of Brexit

      The British population decided to leave the European Union after 40 years of membership. This departure has created socioeconomic outcomes that will last decades to come.   The British pound took a hit after the announcement that the United Kingdom will leave the EU and the pound saw a constant drop since

Are You a Smart Holiday Goer?

      More than 12 million Brits will travel abroad this year and we’re all familiar with exchanging our money. Electronic boards at the airport show terms like GBP/USD, EUR/USD, JPY/USD, these are called currency pairs.   Smart regular travelers often keep tabs on the market and exchange their money at the right time

Rate Rise on the Horizon?

      Statements from the Bank of England’s deputy governor have revived hopes that an interest rate rise could be on the horizon for the UK, and may even be higher than expected. Interest rate rise? Ben Broadbent, the BoE’s deputy governor, said that interest rates may have to rise higher than what people

Cost of Living Rises

      The news seems to be all doom and economic gloom, lately, with further bad news for consumers, as British Gas said it would be increasing its electricity tariffs by more than 12 per cent in September. Household costs increase We’ve covered fairly extensively how households are under a lot of pressure lately,

Credit Crisis Waters

      The amount of unsecured credit has hit the same level as in the financial crisis of 2008, topping £200bn. This is due to extremely low pay wage increases, high inflation, and economic uncertainty. People have been turning to loans and overdrafts to stay afloat, but we’re back in dangerous waters. Back in

Hard Brexit Fears

      Chancellor Philip Hammond may have said that the government is seeking a transitional agreement in Brexit talks, but that’s all talk until it’s agreed upon by all EU member states.  Until then, the fears of a hard Brexit, and the troubles that will cause, linger. The hardest hit in a hard Brexit

Pound Climbs Against US Dollar

      Finally, some positive news regarding the UK pound – Sterling has climbed to its highest point since September last year, hitting a value of US$1.3146. Our traders are remaining cautious of this result, but it shows how the markets shift from news results. Why the pound has climbed The US Federal Reserve

Notable Slowdown in UK Economy

      The Office of National Statistics has released yet another report that has people worrying. The UK’s Gross Domestic Product grew only 0.3 per cent over the second quarter of 2017, with the ONS stating that this was a “notable slowdown”. GDP and what it means Gross Domestic Product measures the UK’s total

Personal Loan Growth Worries

      The Bank of England has said that the steep rise in personal loans compared to the near-negligible household income growth could put the economy at risk if debts were to spiral out of control. The growth of personal loans According to BoE’s Financial Stability Director Alex Brazier, credit card balance transfers, outstanding