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By 27 May 2014

May Market Update (week 4)

Minutes released from this month’s meeting showed officials on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee voted unanimously to keep the benchmark interest rate at a record-low 0.5 percent. They also indicated the policy decision was becoming “more balanced” for some of the nine members as the economy recovers. Also out of the UK this

By 23 May 2014

5 Best Forex Trades This Week | 2014 May – Week 3

1. EURUSD (5Min Chart) – Pivot Trade Short 14.05.2014 – Sentiment on the EURO was extremely weak across the board through Tuesday after comments from Bundesbank aligned with the ECB’s threat’s to intervene if necessary to keep the exchange rate down. After a day like Tuesday, it provides a fantastic opportunity to get into the

By 19 May 2014

May Market Update (week 3)

Currency trading of Sterling fell to a one-month low against the US dollar this week as the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney dampened expectations for tightening monetary policy in the near-term. Expectations for the Bank of England to raise interest rates from record lows in the first half of next year is what’s been driving

By 16 May 2014

News: Looking Forward | May 2014 – Week 3

It was interesting to note the big sell off on both the EUR and the GBP this week against the dollar currency but looking forward it is clear to see that Sterling has much more underlying upside strength potential than EUR. We are now aware that the European Central Bank are prepared to act if

By 25 April 2014

The 3 Hour Work Week

Welcome to my Fortnightly Market Update, which will give you insights into trading, education and tips for trading success. This week’s hot topic is about a concept that is often misunderstood – Passive Income – people often mistake a passive income, as only being a secondary income, it is however much more than that. If

By 12 April 2014

Did you know?

Furthermore, let’s optimistically presume that the current rate of inflation stays at its current 4 year low of 1.7%, it would then actually take over 54 years for your salary to become double its value against the then current cost of living.

By 3 March 2014

How to turn £5k into £1.5 million!

Welcome to my Mid-week Market Update, which will give you insights into trading, education and tips for trading success. This week’s update is about one of the most important concepts in trading success and also wealth creation in general – Compounding.

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