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By 28 February 2015

February (WK4) Market Update

At the last meeting in Brussels, Greece has secured a four-month reprieve from eurozone creditors, including a flexible deal on the fiscal targets imposed by the IMF, and therefore dodging default and the potential rupture of monetary union. This means that the market might settle down and get back to ‘business as usual’ until July

By 20 February 2015

February (WK3) Market Update

This week we watched the currency market staying within the same ranges as no decision came from the Greek government nor the European Parliament. The ranges were fully maintained and there wasn´t any obvious opportunity to trade. It should be the time chance to review our trades and backtest as well as a great opportunity

By 18 February 2015

February (WK2) Market Update

This week it seemed like it was Christmas vacation again – it was one of the most completely sideways market condition for the past months. After being stuck in a range of about 250 pips last week, this time EUR:USD didn´t move more than 150 pips probably based on the indecision about the result regarding

By 13 February 2015

How to Reduce Losses As A Novice Forex Trader

Although people with no previous financial experience can, and do, become successful Forex traders, they are in a small minority, statistically speaking. True, many beginners suffer early losses and later rally and go on to become successful, but for many the losses are too heavy and they give up, believing that forex trading is not

By 5 February 2015

February Market Update (Week 1)

This week we could see a significant pullback after the continuous drop since mid December on EURUSD. The dollar strength seems to be losing some of its steam as we can also see the range on Cable, the pullback against the Canadian Dollar and even the minor support found on AUDUSD and NZDUSD. On the

By 16 January 2015

Important Message from Greg Secker regarding yesterday

You will have no doubt seen the big fall out in in the Swiss franc yesterday. This sent the market into a spin and has led to losses of up to £30m reported from IG Index, Alapri has filed insolvency and countless others have been left in a very precarious position, with more insolvency announcements

By 12 December 2014

December Market Update (Week 2)

As predicted, this was another slow week for the currency market. EURUSD pushed down again this time to the 1,22 level and (again) became an apparent retest… After an optimum result for the American employment numbers, dollar strength was seen against Canadian dollar and Australian dollar with the latest showing previous lows from 2010. The

By 5 December 2014

December Market Update (Week 1)

This was a steady and slow week for the currency market. The major events came from the apparent dollar renewed strength that finally pushed the EURUSD below the 1.2360 level. After a drop to the 1.2280 level, price is now retesting 1.24 after very hawkish projections from the ECB on the 4th. Yen crosses are

By 28 November 2014

November Market Update (Week 4)

Another slow week was the prognostic for the Thanksgiving dinner in the US this Thursday. After the consolidation seen on the major currency pairs, this also proved to be the first slow week for the Yen crosses. As December is usually the beginning of a short but steady trading month we shall see if this

By 21 November 2014

November Market Update (Week 3)

Last Friday, after the Prelim UoM Consumer Sentiment on the US, EUR:USD proved the recent indecision and is still bouncing between the 1.23 and the 1.26 levels. Not much else going on this week as most of the currency pairs are in a consolidation/phase 2 stage. JPY crosses still on the rally even after the

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