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By 9 May 2015

May (WK1) Market Update

The currency market proved the Euro strength this week. With the elections on the UK, traders seemed to have turned to the continental currency as most crosses continued the rally to the upside or at least stayed around the same levels from the end of last week. On the asian side, AUD, NZD and JPY

By 5 May 2015

April Market Update

WEEK 1 An indecisive week on the currency market… EUR and GBP still within the range of the major price action. On the Indices side, CAC and DAX now finally seem to have stopped the upwards trend that started in beginning of the year while FTSE saw most of the gains from last week completely

By 5 May 2015

April (WK5) Market Update

At the currency market this week, we are now witnessing an (unexpected?) weakness from the USDollar. All majors and minors proving that weakness with EUR going up and hitting levels from February above 1.10. Cable also proving the reversal from last week at almost 1.55. In the meantime, AUD and NZD also growing against the

By 5 May 2015

April (WK4) Market Update

At the currency market this week, and regarding the weakness from the EUR, it is now showing an unusual pattern as there isn’t clear decision on the overall downtrend that seemed to be setting up last week. The Canadian dollar proved its strength against most currencies as price kept showing clear trend behaviour. But the

By 22 April 2015


At the currency market this week, our previous predictions were met – all the EUR crosses showing EUR weakness again and price showing lower lows and now pulling slightly back up proving the usual cyclicity. Cable, on the other hand, is retesting the 1.48 level (check weekly charts) from 2013. As AUD and NZD are

By 9 April 2015

April (WK2) Market Update

Regarding the currency market, and after a couple of very indecisive weeks, price seems to be starting to pick up the overall trending moves from the previous months. US Dollar is starting to show signals of renewed strength – as we can see against EUR and GBP. On the Indices side, CAC is back to

By 9 April 2015

April (WK1) Market Update

Another indecisive week on the currency market… The American Dollar still hasn’t shown the strength from the previous months and as a consequence, there wasn’t much decision on the major currency pairs. All the Asian currencies against the USDollar stayed within the same range from previous weeks while EUR and GBP are still within the

By 25 March 2015

March Monthly market Update

WEEK 1 EURUSD breaking the 3 week range after the ECB press conference. European Stock Markets remain pushing into new all time highs. The American indices slowed down this week while on the Asian side, Hang Seng still stuck at a range. Gold and Silver still in a downwards trend and still showing no signal

By 25 March 2015

March (WK4) Market Update

After last week’s turbulence on the currency market, EUR, GBP against the USDollar decided to take a week off. Price is now at a very indecisive moment with inside bar after inside bar which is only normal after the huge bar last Wednesday. AUD, NZD, JPY and CAD all showing the surprising weakness of the

By 19 March 2015

March (WK 3) Market Update

“The trend is your friend… until the bend in the end.” Everything was still running smoothly when on Wednesday the Federal Reserve (FED) delivered a much more dovish tone when comparing to the January speech. From economic activity expanding at “a solid pace” to “economic growth has moderated somewhat” was good enough for the traders

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