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By 6 August 2015

July Market Update

On the currency market, after a ‘quiet’ month of June when it comes to trading the European currency – or, at least, some moves we should avoid – July was all about following the major trends already running. All the attention was then around the Australian and the New Zealand dollar while their values kept

By 6 August 2015

July (WK5) Market Update

After a few weeks of major indecision on the European side, and clear trends from the New Zealand Dollar crosses, the EUR and GBP stayed within the same limits as the NZD crosses came to a stall after USD:NZD cleared bumped into a major Weekly/Monthly level at around 0.66. On the Indices, the CAC and

By 28 July 2015

July (WK2) Market Update

After the vote from the Greek people in complete disagreement with the upcoming austerity programs, we were looking forward to see the economic and political reactions to the issue. As expected, all EUR crosses – without no clear decision from the Eurogroup – stayed in the range from the past few weeks. Still on the

By 8 July 2015

July (WK1) Market Update

The beginning of July was a slow one as expected after the ‘bomb’ dropped by the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras with the announcement of the referendum to decide the payment of the IMF debt. After the big gap seen across almost all the main currency pairs at the opening on Sunday evening, and the

By 28 June 2015

June Market Update

WEEK 1 US Dollar regained its strength while EUR and GBP crosses started to get in a very indecisive moment. On the Indices there was nothing but countertrend moves for the whole week. On the commodities side, Gold and Oil also dropped and are now both within the tight range of the last months. WEEK

By 27 June 2015

June (WK4) Market Update

This week, with no news prior to the Greek government’s choice to let the people have the final word on the payment of the debt on a referendum on the 5th of July, the EUR crosses stayed within the range of last weeks. On the other hand, the British Sterling seems to be picking up

By 14 June 2015

June (WK2) Market Update

Last week the currency market really started moving when NZ Official Cash Rate was reduced to 3.25% on Wednesday evening. The gap on most ND crosses was apparent and gave an extra boost to the ongoing trends. The main subject is still the Greek debt. Although there were some conversations between the Germany, France and

By 5 June 2015

June (WK1) Market Update

After the positive numbers on the Non Farm employment numbers from the United States, the USDollar regained the strength it was apparently loosing for the whole week and we saw most majors and minors reacting accordingly. EUR and GBP crosses are now in a very indecisive moment while AUD, NZD and JPY proving its weakness

By 30 May 2015

May Market Update

WEEK 1 With the elections on the UK, EUR continued to go  rally to the upside. On the Asian side, AUD, NZD and JPY showed very indecisive moves. Stock indices in Europe and Asia all pulling back while the American stayed in the usual range. Oil price continued the steady rise and ended the week

By 30 May 2015

May (WK4) Market Update

After last week’s numbers on the inflation by the US, the American Dollar continued its rally through most currency pairs. GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD were all ‘victims’ of the renewed strength of the USDollar and the rumours of an interest rate hike from the FED are only enhancing the gap. As for the EUR:USD, the

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