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By 14 July 2017

UK Economy Slows

      There’s more trouble on the horizon, with Moody’s saying that the talks in Brussels have increased the UK’s political and financial risks. The Brexit negotiations, the low interest rates of the Bank of England, the rise in inflation, and the squeeze in living standards mean you’re at financial risk. The risks <

By 12 July 2017

Living Standards Squeeze

      Standard & Poor, one of the world’s leading rating agencies, has predicted that Britain’s economy will lose the unexpected momentum it had after the Brexit referendum. This fall will put an even greater squeeze of the living standards of Britons. The UK growth rate S&P has estimated that the UK’s growth rate

By 12 July 2017

Smart Forex Trading

      When people mention that they’re considering entering the world of Forex trading, others will tell them that it’s dangerous and they could lose all their money by making one wrong move. There’s some truth to that fear, but not if you protect yourself with smart Forex trading strategies. Smart Forex trading The

By 12 July 2017

What Shifts the Forex Markets

      To the untrained eye, shifts in the Forex market may seem unpredictable and random. However, once you know what you’re looking for, it can become second nature to know just how the markets are likely to move. What shifts the Forex markets? Simply put, news announcements and the release of reports shift

By 5 July 2017

How Saving is Losing You Money

      People have been encouraged to save from a very early age. But it turns out, those who have been saving over the last decade have actually been losing money. It’s all down to low interest rates and high inflation. How saving is losing you money According to the Guardian, Hargreaves Lansdown worked

By 5 July 2017

Spot a Good Forex Trade

      When it comes to trading, it can seem like you need to know what the markets are doing at all times, need to study charts and analyse the economic reports to be able to spot a good Forex trade. It’s not as hard as you think It’s a common misconception – People

By 3 July 2017

The Rent Trap

      According to The Guardian, one in seven private tenants are paying 50 per cent or more of their paycheck on their rent. This far outstrips the two per cent of homeowners who pay a similar amount on their mortgage repayments. There’s a rent trap in the UK. The Rent Trap With the

By 30 June 2017

You Need a Second Income

      With the way things are currently going, it’s almost imperative that you find a second income. We discussed yesterday how people are turning to credit cards, loans and overdrafts to pay for their everyday needs. But now the Bank of England’s chief economist has come out with worse news. News from the

By 29 June 2017

Credit Card Splurge?

      British consumers have been hit hard as the pound has wavered against its trading partners, inflation has skyrocketed, and the average wage growth has stalled. This squeeze on the money available to the average Briton has seen many turn to credit cards, loans, and overdrafts to cover their costs. What’s going on?

By 28 June 2017

Learn to Trade Forex

      Trading on the Forex market can be the path to total financial freedom. We’ve touched on how to think like a trader and how SmartCharts is some of the best Forex software available, but the first step is deciding that you want to get into trading Forex. Do I want to get