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By 11 April 2019

Industry Glossary

  Welcome to the Learn To Trade industry glossary – your comprehensive, go-to guide for all things forex, detailing an array of definitions for the most commonly used words, terms and phrases within the world of foreign exchange trading. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P

By 4 April 2019

Forex Currency Pairs: What You Need to Know

Forex currency pairs are the bread and butter of currency trading, forming the foundation of every trade and serving as the measuring posts for potential profit and loss. But what exactly is a currency pair and how exactly does this means of currency trading work? Let’s take a closer look… An introduction to currency trading

By 24 March 2019

Hedging Forex: What Does It Mean? (And How to Use it)

  Risk management is of fundamental importance to a trader’s success on the forex market. In a risky and volatile trading environment, the ability to minimise the likelihood of losses can make all the difference, often being the defining factor that separates the proverbial men from the boys. That’s where hedging comes in. In today’s

By 8 March 2019

Balance for Better: How Can We Make The Trading Industr ...

  As one of the leading trading educators in the world, our voice can have an impact. The way we talk about forex trading and who we talk about it to, has a huge influence on the type of people that end up walking through our doors, and even the doors of our competitors.  This

By 6 March 2019

(Sometimes) Timing is Everything: When to Trade Forex

  The ‘open all hours’ 24/5 aspect of the forex market can be one of its greatest appeals, but to inexperienced trading novices, the desire to hit the market running right away can be their immediate downfall. Though it may be tempting to trade all day and night, this strategy can not just deplete a

By 6 March 2019

Deal or No Deal: Brexit’s Impact on Forex Trading

  Brexit. As we fast approach the impending leave date of 29th March, the very mention of the word is enough to conjure up an erratic frenzy in citizen and politician alike. But with the future of the UK’s relationship with the European Union still very much up in the air, what does that mean

By 19 February 2019

The History of Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading

  As a globally interconnected digital market, you’d be forgiven for assuming forex is a relatively recent development in the world of finance. In fact, the history of foreign exchange trading can be traced back way further than you may think – though not in the format we’re familiar with today. That’s why, in today’s

By 19 February 2019

Mind Over Matter: Forex Trading Psychology

Whether you’re a veteran trader or learning how to start forex trading for the first time, having a thorough understanding of trading psychology is of vital importance to success on the trading market. Before you begin to understand the logistics of currency trading, you must first understand the characteristics and skills required to profit in

By 4 January 2019

3 Of The Most Dramatic Days In Forex Trading History

  One of the key factors that influences foreign exchange trading is the day-to-day geopolitical context of our time, which plays a pivotal role in the value of a given currency. As such, the occurrence of any significant world event that causes a rise or fall in currency value can, and indeed will, wreak havoc

By 4 January 2019

3 Steps to Designing Your Own Home Trading Suite

  Whether you’re a veteran trader or just figuring out how to start forex trading, a fundamental part of success on this market is an optimised work environment. As an easily accessible 24/5 market, foreign exchange can be traded from the comfort of your own home, making it tempting to trade from your smartphone or

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