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By 16 November 2020

Pound Surges on Brexit Deal Hopes 

On Monday, the pound gained back from two-week losing streak against the dollar as hopes for Brexit deal was given a boost after PM Johnsons top aide was ousted ahead of “make or break” Brexit talks.  Hopes on a Brexit deal was boosted after the prime minister’s top advisor Dominic Cummings, confirmed he will leave his

By 13 November 2020

UK’s Economy Lagged in September, the Worst is ...

  The economy of Britain grew slower by 1.1% in September compared from that of August while lagging other rich nations as it struggled to recover from the shock of the pandemic even before the latest Covid-19 lockdown.  The slowdown in the data that is shown on Thursday, gave expectations that the economy will shrink once again

By 12 November 2020

Signs That You Are Risking Too Much 

Risk management is a major element a trader needs to master. In forex, risk management, mindset, and trading edge work like a puzzle.   Remember that you must plan your Forex trading for the next 5-10 years if you are serious about your trading and your goal.   3 Signs you are Risking Too Much in

By 11 November 2020

Sterling Gains in Brexit Hopes and Vaccine Talks 

On Wednesday, PM Boris Johnson’s part of the Internal Market Bill and plans for a “revised” Brexit trade deal was struck down by the House of Lords.  Although Johnson says he plans to pursue the clauses that were struck down, the sterling surged higher as there is now a better hope for a Brexit-deal.  The

By 10 November 2020

The Six Major Currencies  

The US Dollar   The first currency which is the US Dollar dominates the world foreign exchange. It is the base or universal currency to evaluate and other currency traded on forex. Most commodities like metal and oil are denominated in US dollars. Because of this, any fluctuation in supply and demand have direct impact on the US dollar value. US

By 9 November 2020

Brexit Negotiators are Urged to See UK Independency 

  On Sunday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that a trade deal with the European Union was “there to be done”.  The Brexit negotiators have been urged to see the UK as an “independent state” which support Johnson’s upbeat stance.  “I think it’s there to be done, the broad outlines are pretty clear.” Mr.

By 7 November 2020

How to Take Advantage of Changing Forex Market Themes 

In everything we do, we should always be ready to embrace any changes that comes into our lives. Successful businesses, for example, create new products and services depending on the demands of the customers. Without it, the business will fail and competitors will see this as a weakness.  Changing isn’t easy. As a forex trader,

By 6 November 2020

UK Construction PMI Plunges to Five-Month Lows 

  In October, Britain’s construction lost momentum but suffered least  in compared to the other economy’s that are hit by the coronavirus pandemic.  The IHS Markit/CIPS Purchasing Manager’s Index for the construction sector dropped to 53.1 in October from September’s 56.8, a bigger drop than the decline to 55.0.  However, unlike figures released on Wednesday

By 5 November 2020

Reasons Why Forex Traders Lose 

Forex trading has been seen by many as a form of gambling. It is often said that 90% of forex traders fail and only a mere 10% of these traders succeed in this career. The question is, why do this 90% of traders fail? Why can’t they be as successful as the 10% of traders

By 4 November 2020

UK and EU Still on a Stalemate on Trade Deal 

  The European Union and Britain have failed to bridge the gaps in securing their trade deals and reaching an agreement on persistent sticking points is still way off.  Talks have been intensified for two weeks as UK and EU is trying to strike a deal to protect nearly a trillion dollars of trade from severe disruption,

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