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By 24 May 2017

How to learn forex: 5 forex trading tips for beginners

The Forex environment can be scary when you are approaching it for the first time. There are many scary stories out there about people losing money and ending up in debt, but the reality is a little different. With careful planning, research, and rational decision-making – as well as careful budgeting – once you know

By 6 January 2017

Taking the stress out of forex trading

It’s good to get back to trading after a seasonal break. But it’s also good to trade forex in 2017 with less stress.

By 6 January 2017

Wise words for Forex traders

Take your eyes off those charts and forget about your Forex trading strategies for a few moments

By 6 January 2017

What Forex traders can learn from visualisation techniques

Your mind is your greatest asset. Best Traders are able to keep calm under fire and level-headed under duress.

By 6 January 2017

Trading Forex is a form of gambling, right? Wrong!

Itemising the dissimilarities between Forex trading and something that it’s sometimes wrongly compared to: gambling.

By 15 December 2016

Seven universal tips for improving Forex trading strategies

Forex hopefuls who’ve embarked on reputable Forex trading courses will have understood some important concepts from day one

By 25 August 2016

Why chess can make you a better Forex trader

Here’s a genuine proposal: playing chess can help you emerge from your Forex trading courses as an especially gifted trader

By 23 August 2016

How to trade Forex trends profitably

While we certainly don’t deride the use of indicators for identifying trends, there’s another

By 16 August 2016

Understanding Psychology and Forex Trading Addiction

There’s a lot of debate surrounding the nature of addiction. Psychology Today defines addiction as:

By 15 August 2016

A 3-step guide to guaranteed failure in the forex market

A guide on how to fail in the Forex market? Why on earth would anyone want one of those? Frankly, it beats us