Best Forex Software

When it comes to trading Forex, it takes more than just a decent knowledge of numbers and reading charts. We discussed how it’s important to think like a trader, but you also need the right support systems in place, too, like having the best Forex software available.

Forex Software

Learn to Trade’s CEO and founder, Greg Secker, knows what it’s like to build and maintain Forex software. He developed one of the first online Forex trading platforms, the Virtual Trading Desk, back in the late 90s. He programmed in all the best strategies to make sure the platform could simplify trading.

The best Forex software makes things simple

The SmartCharts trading platform was designed from the get-go to make trading simple, safe, and accessible. By implementing a number of features designed to protect the trader and by doing a lot of the analytical work, SmartCharts allows anyone to use it.




Simple Forex software

When people think about trading Forex, they imagine having to stare at charts for hours to see the trends. But why analyse charts when the software can do it for you? SmartCharts will look at the markets, analyse the trends, check the news reports, and then select the trades that are most likely to be successful. It will show these to you, so you’ll know where to start.

Safe Forex software

It’s often said that trading on the Forex market is risky. If you don’t have built in safety features, you could easily lose a lot of money. But SmartCharts has a built-in stop loss, meaning you can protect 98 per cent of your money in each and every trade.

The Best Forex software

By combining SmartCharts with the experience and knowledge of Learn to Trade, you’d getting the best Forex software with the Best Forex Educator (2015, 2016, 2017) in the UK.

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