Awla Sanghrajka

My name’s Awla Sanghrajka and I trade Forex in London. I’ve been trading for over a year, but I only got to know about Learn to Trade earlier this summer.

I went to the National Achievers Congress a couple of years ago where Greg Secker was speaking.

He inspired me really and since I’ve joined his programme I’ve really had positive months, every month, doing really, really well.

I couldn’t just be a bored mum, my mind was always buzzing, I really had to do something. Of course I always put the kids first so it had to be something that fitted around them.

I didn’t want to miss an assembly, I wanted to be there for all the school practices, all the things that the kids need, I wanted to be there.

Trading Forex I can be there 100% for the kids, but also earn a good living at the same time. If you’re willing to take the time to learn and have the discipline to apply the rules, then this is a great opportunity for any mum.