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Forex Bootcamp

Learn to Trade with Forex Bootcamp Programme

They say practice makes perfect and at Learn to Trade we believe that your success is our success.

That’s why we offer the Forex Bootcamp Programme – a unique opportunity to experience two days of live trading where you can hone your trading skills alongside our top traders.

If you want to…

  • Experience non-stop Forex trading with an intimate group of serious traders
  • Place between 5-10 intraday trades over the duration of the programme
  • Learn about the importance of news and economic releases on your trading success
  • Enhance your understanding of Forex trading strategies with the support of our highly experienced traders
  • Meet like-minded individuals in a supportive fun and dynamic environment

…then our Forex Bootcamp Programme is ideal for you. It is the perfect way to further develop and practice the essential Forex trading skills you need to reach a higher level of trading success.

At Learn to Trade we help put your strategies into practice as it is our goal to show you how to trade more profitably so you can achieve the financial security you deserve.

That’s why we are the only trading educator that offers you the opportunity to sit on a live trading floor and learn from traders who are the top of their game.

So if you’re ready to take your Forex education to the next level and put what you’ve learnt into practice, register for our Forex Bootcamp today! This one-of-a-kind programme includes:

Day 1 Itinerary Day 2 Itinerary
Introductions and personal goals Trading ultimate forex pivots
The power of trading as a team Advanced forex pivots (TM)
Specialising in currency pairs Understanding trade sizing in direct FX trading
Income generators The FTSE 11.30 trade
Inter-market relationships One-to-one trade consultations
Understanding currency cyclicity Advanced income generator strategies

Don’t wait any longer to take the next step in your Forex training.

Register for our Forex Bootcamp Programme and start making more money for your tomorrow, today.