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The Best in the Business

We are incredibly fortunate to work with organisations who share our vision, provide ongoing support and work in partnership with us to help our graduates learn forex trading in a supportive environment.


Capital Index is a UK based, global online brokerage. Accessing the markets via their award winning trading platform, clients can trade on a wide range of financial instruments including foreign exchange (Forex), world indices, commodities, precious metals and bonds.

With operations globally, the company is staffed by experienced traders and professionals with distinguished careers in the financial markets, offering in-depth knowledge, strong client focus and total commitment to ethical standards. This commitment is underpinned by an advanced technical infrastructure that provides an outstandingly efficient, rapid and stable online trading environment. Capital Index are keenly focused on delivering a seamless, premium online trading experience, they still recognise they are in the business of serving people. Staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people, their 24 hour dedicated customer service team is available to help clients make the most of their trading account.

Recently Capital Index’s Chief Executive Officer, Rob Woolfe was interviewed by Traders Magazine to discuss insights into the Brokerage industry and Capital Index. Rob succinctly answered the all-important and regularly asked question about what should traders pay attention to when choosing their broker; “Over the past 10 years the value of the services being offered to the retail trading community has increased dramatically with easy access to feature-rich trading platforms, low transaction costs, mobile market access, professional charting, streaming real-time news and comprehensive trader education. We at Capital Index are no different in offering our clients exceptional value. However, regardless of all the free whistle and bells that now come as standard with most trading accounts the real difference between a bad, good or exceptional broker is ultimately how well they handle your trade. At Capital Index we take this last part extremely seriously as for us this is the true measure of the quality of us as a broker. We operate an STP execution model and therefore have no client conflict allowing us to place our clients at the very heart of our business.”


The Smart Way to Trade

SmartCharts, the latest innovation in trading technology, is the official trading platform that Learn to Trade utilises to train aspiring traders. As the leading Forex educator, our chosen platform incorporates the best trading and training features available on the market; simplifying the trading process and adding a level of interactivity, functionality, performance and ease of use never before seen on other trading systems. Developed by Greg Secker in 2014 with the help of the best traders and developers available, SmartCharts has become an industry leader and favoured trading platform for many seasoned and novice traders. SmartCharts is the disruptive force in the trading world; designed to give traders a leading edge resulting in better profits per trade placed on SmartCharts whilst managing the risk for you.

So what does SmartCharts do differently to all the other Forex trading platforms out there and why has Learn to Trade decided to make use of SmartCharts as its preferred trading platform?

  • Advanced strategies – SmartCharts has several predefined institutional trading strategies that make it extremely easy for traders of any level to make highly profitable and trades
  • Reduces user error & Risk management – SmartCharts has safety features that prevent traders from making mistakes. It prevents you from placing the same trade twice, risking more than you mean to and trading in the wrong direction
  • Time saving – It saves you time by scanning the markets and identifies trades so you don’t have to
  • One click trading – it allows you to place all details of a trade at just a touch of a button, so you can get into trades quickly and easily
  • Performance – track your performance through the trade journal to build a portfolio of all your trades
  • Safety features and alarms – The software includes alarms that you can set to alert you, so that you can manage the trade ensuring profitability and mitigate loss
  • Trade alerts – all the latest updates, tips and ideas are sent directly to you from our senior traders across the globe ensuring you are always correctly managing your trades and avoiding risk
  • News – all the news-feeds are imbedded into the charts so you can avoid trading during these risky times as well as be aware of any uncertainty which may interrupt a trade
  • eLearning – SmartCharts has an industry leading educational video series, that teaches you how to use the software quickly and effectively

SmartCharts is the clear choice for any level of trader who wants to mitigate risk and make higher, more consistent profits.

Our service includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses which could be equal to your entire investment. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Click here to read the full Risk Warning.