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Learn to trade from the best with our LiveTradingFloor™

Our LiveTradingFloor™ gives you the unique opportunity to watch professional traders like Greg Secker at work on our online trading floor.

We give you online access to our best traders so you can:

  • See what Forex trading strategies they use
  • Learn how stock trading works in a real-life real-time environment
  • See the precise entry and exit criteria and set ups used by seasoned pros
  • Learn how to identify potential trading opportunities in real-time

LiveTradingFloor™ gives you the ability to absorb the information and experience you need to be a trader who makes serious money. It is the ideal booster to participants who are currently enrolled or have enrolled in our Trader’s University or Ultimate Forex Profits programmes.

Learn to Trade is the ONLY trader education centre that provides you with complete guaranteed transparency and assurance of our trading success so you can see for yourself that you are learning how to trade from nothing but the best.

How do we do this?

Our traders trade live online and publish their results online from our brokers. You can see how they perform and how much money they make while learning the tips and tricks that will help you do the same.

When you use LiveTradingFloor™ in combination with our training, you will acquire the tools and knowledge you need to move full throttle into the world of financial freedom and sustainable wealth creation.

LiveTradingFloor™ offers you many benefits in addition to the ones already mentioned, including:

  • Profitable trading opportunities identified for you by our professionals, including entry, exit and stop loss points already calculated for end of day, intra day and Forex trades
  • The latest trading opportunities sent straight into your inbox with our email alert service
  • See and explore the power of the Forex market and why you should be trading in the largest market in the world
  • Daily trading updates on the markets and news, plus the ability to put questions to our traders online!
  • Weekly updates on trading news, with a topical training session included

With various subscription levels, you’re sure to find the right one for you.