3 Steps to a Powerful Trading Routine Optimised for Forex Success


In a recent video over on Greg Secker’s YouTube Channel (which you can find here), he sat down with a professional nutritionist to talk about a concept that is likely to rarely spring to mind when looking to develop our forex careers – the impact of routine and nutrition on our trading.

In the video he explained that, while a successful trading routine won’t simply fall into place, by beginning to think consciously about how your daily trading habits affect your performance, you’ll be able to make reactive changes to how you think – creating a trading routine that optimises your capability. With this in mind, in this blog post, we’re uncovering the 3 steps you can take to help you establish a powerful trading routine, regardless of whether you consider yourself a trading veteren or forex novice.


Swap the coffee for a smoothie


Trade management can be defined as the activity a trader takes after executing a trade to both maximise the profitability potential while also minimising risk. Undoubtedly, without exercising appropriate levels of concentration when carrying out this activity, the trader puts themselves at great risk of damaging the potential for profit. So, what do we do in situations such as this where we feel concentration is key? We drown ourselves in coffee of course – hoping the caffeine will keep us awake enough to keep alert when we most need it.

However, too much caffeine can result in the ‘jitters’ which, more often than not, will have the complete adverse effect – making you unfocused as a result. In order to increase your chances of success, consider ditching your constant flow of caffeine and opting for a healthier alternative like a smoothie or nutrients-packed shake instead. By focusing on using a combination of smart foods (which Greg talks more about on his YouTube video), you’ll reach your peak performance mode that’s sure to keep you motivated throughout the entire day.


Learn to keep an eye on the time


Keeping an eye on the clock and working to a consistent schedule that’s become second nature to you is crucial when looking to optimise your routine for ultimate productivity and success, and is one of the best ways to learn forex when starting out your trading career. Now, while we’re not telling you to time every toilet break, incorporating regularity into your routine will allow your subconscious to align with your habits – meaning mind and body will be working cohesively towards the same goal.

Whether this means checking in on your indicators at 1pm everyday, or deciding to analyse your trading charts first thing in the morning, we’re confident that you’ll be able to start seeing improvements in your productivity by simply creating a routine that follows the time. Additionally, by sticking to a schedule, you’ll help craft one of the most important weapons in a trader’s arsenal – self discipline. This will help you stay level-headed during losing streaks and grounded during moments of big wins, all adding to the overall benefit of your profitability potential.


Proactively engage your mind


As is the case in most working environments across all disciplines, to remain focused you need to stay engaged. To do this, you should be actively looking for ways to stimulate your mind and wake up your body, which luckily for you is way easier than it might initially sound.

For example, for those of you who usually wake up listening to BBC2’s breakfast show on the radio while you eat your cereal, try switching this to checking in on the latest forex news and economic affairs, instead. By reading rather than listening, your brain is woken up and eased into the day from the very start, ensuring you’re ready to tackle the day from the off.

Similarly, when taking breaks during the day, try not to turn to social media and get lost in scrolling mindlessly – instead, take yourself off for a walk or spend your time looking at brain teasers that will keep your brain active and engaged throughout the day.

When implementing a trading routine into your day-to-day life, be sure to keep it achievable and easy to follow to ensure you put yourself in the best chance of success when trading on the market. For further forex training tips and tricks read more from our blog here, or check out Greg Secker’s YouTube channel for regular, in-depth updates regarding all things forex.